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Phytomer, meaning 'plants of the sea', a luxurious product using 100% natural deep sea marine ingredients with seaweeds, algae caviar and pro-collagen marine peptides, all containing 106 minerals and vitamins essential to our natural beauty and wellbeing. These facials all designed to relax, rebalance and repair the personal needs of all skin types and skin concerns and to achieve total equilibrium of mind, body and soul. They include deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation and encompass the application of indulgent masks and serums with high concentrations of marine peptide based ingredients. Experience the ultimate in massage to the face, scalp, arms and, hands as each product is massaged into your skin. This unforgettable treatment will provide pure indulgence and of course noticeable results. You will be whisked away to another universe restoring balance and harmony to mind, body and soul as well as looking radiant.

Youth Anti-ageing Facial

60 mins £50.00

A youthful response to delay the natural effects of time.   

Doucer Marine Soothing Facial

60 mins £50.00

A veil of softness for sensitive or intolerant skins.   

Seawater Pearl Facial

60 mins £50.00

A truly moisturising bath for dry and dehydrated skins.   

Marine Breeze Facial

60 mins £50.00

A breath of fresh air for combination skins with oily tendencies.   

Mini Marine Discovery Facial

30 mins £30.00

For those clients that are short of time or for an introduction to the benefits of facials this is the perfect treatment.  

Luxury Marine Eye Treatment

45 mins £40.00

Ideal for puffy tired eyes, dark circles and to reduce the visible signs of ageing.This treatment may also help with soothing eyes that are suffering from allergies. The face is fully cleansed then the eye area is massages with specific movements, pressures and drainage techniques. Serums are infused in eye pads and a mask to decongest, rejuvenate, lift and firm the delicate areas of the eye. Choose from a scalp, chest and neck or hand and arm massage and finish with the application of a hydrating moisturiser and eye gel.

15 mins £5.00

For the ultimate in pampering add an extra 15 minutes to your treatment to include a relaxing back massage then whilst the face is pampered the spine is gently stimulated with the Algae mud mask to bring balance and relaxation, combining detoxification and oxygenation with healing.