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Face The Menopause Head On!!

OK I admit it I am 50 something and the doctor has confirmed I am well and truly GOING THROUGH THE MENOPAUSE!!!

I apparently have three options:

  • Live with it
  • Try HRT
  • Explore alternatives

So With a handful of supplements and a few choice products, I am on my quest...

More and more ladies are experiencing significant skin changes in their fifties due to the rapidly decreasing oestrogen hormone levels - this is a result of the menopause.

This causes lines and wrinkles to become more visible, skin becomes dry and dull and looses its lustre and firmness. Some ladies actually experience adult acne type breakouts or skin redness and rosacea.

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To The Rescue


Remove Dead Skin cells

Gentle exfoliation will help rid the skin of the outer most dead skin cells helping achieve a smoother, fresher skin.

Environ recommend AVST (Advanced Vitamin Therapy) Hydrating Exfoliating Mask.

Stay Squeaky Clean

It is important to keep the skin clean and fresh. Pores can become blocked with bacteria during excess sweating and flushing.

Environ recommend Sebuwash or AVST Cleansing Cream.




Control Flare Ups and Blushing and Strengthen Skin

Keep the skin cool and calm. Heal the skin by using an anti-inflammatory to control break outs and flare ups, reduce redness, stimulate collagen, thicken and strengthen the skin.

Environ recommend HERO product Colostrum Gel.

Hydrate and Stimulate

It is essential to use a light moisturiser that balances the skin and absorbs to the lower levels. This feeds and hydrates the skin but does not melt during hot flushes.

Environ recommend AVST Moisturisers 1 - 5.

Environ Group Products


Stay Protected

Fragile skin becomes more exposed to the elements and prone to injury, infection and sun damage. Use a skin protector to keep you safe from the elements.

Environ recommend RAD Cream SPF15 or RAD Spray Lotion SPF25.

Pamper and Embrace

It is essential to be kind to yourself during this transitional phase - embrace the menopause it will pass and lead you on to your next stage of life - how exciting!.

Treat yourself to a skin treatment/facial that supports the skin during the menopause and allows you to have some well deserved 'me time'.

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