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Intuitive Based Therapies

Pro Pic Evelyn Beaulay To Connect With Your True Self

My name is Evelyn Beaulay and I am a Consultant working in the local Ruislip area. I specialise in Intuitive Based Therapies.

(I am also a loyal client at Cazelle)

Pro Pic Evelyn Beaulay

“When opportunity knocks, open the door. Where there is no door make a door.”

Intuitive Therapy

Soul Knowledge - Who am I?

A Soul having an experience in the human body. Here is your invitation to find out more…

Blocks & Restrictions - Why me scenarios?

You could be having an experience that no longer support and fulfil you.

Clearing Work - Is it possible?

You are invited to come and scratch the surface (and more) of what is possible for you.

As intuitive consultant, I work closely with you on what matters to you most. After working with several people on a one-to-one basis the three most important questions that keep coming up are:-

  • Who am I or what am here to do or be?
  • What is stopping me or why am I stuck?
  • Is it possible to…?

If you have any of the above questions and ready for you - please get in touch via email.

A typical session is an hour, price range from £75-£150 with discount on block bookings.

To find out more about Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing, EFT and EmoTrance please email me at [email protected]