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 Anti-ageing Facials Without the Knife!!

A course of treatments is recommended.

Bio Ultimate Gold Non-Surgical Face Lift

60 mins £55.00

This gold standard Anti-ageing treatment reduces the signs of ageing by using a low level micro current that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. The current stimulates at a cellular level and works with the collagen and oxygenate mask to produce more collagen and elastin which visibly firms, lifts and smoothes the skin. It is painless, non-invasive and highly effective. Skin tone and elasticity is improved reducing fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin rehydrated and revitalised. This really is a face lift with immediate results and without going under the knife. 

Youth Enhancing Facial

60 mins £63.00

90 mins £75.00


This new and revolutionary facial is a results driven treatment. It takes the most effective anti-ageing products from Environ containing non toxic Bo-tox friendly serum, Syn-Snake Venom, a powerful Collagen boosting peptide, Vitamin A, C & E and combines them with the latest technology from CACiBUG and Environ to focus on maximum results. This targets the same chemical complexes as injectables but without the risks. It includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, non-surgical lifting, firming and strengthening using light micro-current and deep penetration of products using Sonophoresis sound waves. Finishing with a luxury vitamin, mineral or collagen rich mask. This facial tightens and firms slack skin, encourages collagen growth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.

Environ Notox Bo-tox & Collagen Power Facial

60 mins £90.00

A ground breaking, scientifically proven facial using a serum of non toxic friendly Bo-tox, Syn-ake Venom and Peptides that when applied to the skin plump and relax expression lines by making muscles less responsive to nerve impulses. It contains a cocktail of active ingredients that attack the natural process of wrinkle formation and boosts collagen to ensure visible results after just one treatment. After deep cleansing and exfoliation the painless Cosmetic Roll CIT 'micro-needles' may be used to puncture the horny layer of the epidermis followed with the Ionzyme machine to apply Sonophoresis sound waves which increases the penetration of the active serum and skin firming ingredients.

Environ Ionzyme Advanced Active Vitamin Facial

90 mins £66.00

This revolutionary Vitamin treatment is suitable for all ages, skin types and conditions. Using the Ionzyme machine to apply tiny Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis electrical pulses and sound waves to push the active vitamins and nutrients to the deepest layers of skin to improve the health and life of the skin cells. The deep penetration of vitamins is 4000 x more effective than a manual facial. This scientific approach stimulates collagen to soften lines and improve elasticity, normalising oily, dry and de-hydrated skins. It significantly improves problematic skins including acne, congestion, pigmentation, rosacea, hormonal imbalances and scaring to leave you looking ageless and radiant. This advanced facial includes various deep cleansing and exfoliation methods with additional steam and extraction if required. A cocktails of Vitamin A, C & E enriched oils, gels and serums are applied using the Ionzyme probe, followed with a personalised mask to accelerate the activation process. Then enjoy a luxury massage to relax the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands and finish with a Vitamin based moisturiser and eye gel.